How IT has had an impact on us

There are may ways that IT has managed to impact our society, however, here are a few points that we made in class:

How we spend our time:

Back in the days, we had to do stuff physically to be able to entertain ourselves where as nowadays all we need to do is hop on a computer or a mobile phone to be able to have a quick game of chess. Or whatever you used to do back then I’d rather not live under a rock thanks.

We also spend our time arguing with each other on blog posts because there are definitely 75 genders… Tumblr I’m looking at you and your feminists

How we communicate with each other:

At a time when computers didn’t exist, mail was your best bet of communicating with someone overseas. That’s right there was no E’s in your mail and you had to physically write the letter then stamp it and send it. Afterwards, you had to wait one hell of a long time in order to get a response which could take up to 6 weeks depending where the person you’re messaging lives. Now all you need to do is get your phone or dedicated device and type away a quick and simple email and as long as you have an internet connection, you can click that send button and be rest assured that your mail has arrived safely at its destination. At this point you just need to make sure that the recipient actually opens it and doesn’t ignore you… I’m guilty of this myself :I

How we learn and find information:

Have you ever heard of this place called a “Library”? Me neither. But they still exist and can be quite useful for those who cannot afford a computer (which basically has no excuse at this point as its 2016 and you can get a simple netbook for a price so low you’d feel dumb for giving your teacher that one excuse as to why you couldn’t do your homework). You’d go to a library to get books… Wait those still exist??? In the less modern days you actually had to read books in order to get your information be it for homework or work in general. Now you could simply google it and click the first couple of links you see and you have your answer. The only problem with that is you need to keep in mind that this is the internet and misleading information is common so make sure to do some decent research into your topic or you might have a hard time explaining to your teacher why your assignment says that kangaroos can give birth to a great white shark.

How much exercise we do:

Let’s just say a LOT of people may be put to shame for this. But the reality is that we have become a lot more lazier. Child obesity is a problem and some people have become antisocial because we are usually indoors playing video games and surfing the web for the dankest memes. However, There have been some measures for this as mobile phones have been shipped with apps and accessories to allow users to track their fitness and encourage them to go to the gym and have a balanced diet.


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