So, we’ve all seen some form of copyright. Be it on YouTube videos or products it’s been around us for a very long time.

So what exactly is it? To put it in a simple way let’s just say it’s a law that makes sure that your work doesn’t get copied by other companies. Basically, companies aren’t allowed to use your stuff without permission.

Some work can be copied if it is labeled for “free use” and this can be stuff like: Music (check no copyright sounds), images (when filtered through Google images or some other sites), Videos (Can be found with a simple Google search) and general assets (stuff like models for a videogame and certain code).

Now for someone like me who occasionally posts a non monetized video on YouTube I don’t really have to worry about copyright too much as everything I use is labeled for free use and isn’t really monetized so I shouldn’t have any heat with a random company (plus I’m pretty sure that most game publishers don’t mind seeing people play their game on the internet). Any videos that I share through these blogs will count as a normal view on the authors channel.

Speaking of YouTube videos, here’s one of mine 😉

If you checked this game publishers YouTube policy, then you’ll see that I can in fact upload this. Plus they have a feature that lets you upload your replays directly to YouTube.

(also you might might wanna like you know subscribe to my YT ;)) xoxoxoxox)


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