Data protection act

Ok, we’ve all been familiar with the laws of our countries (and others if you get the luxury of traveling the world and exploring it which all I can say is “good for you”). The data protection act is a group of laws that basically tells you how you can and can’t use computers. For example, hacking in to someones computer and deleting, copying or manipulating files is not allowed. Do you see where I’m going with this? I can’t blame you if you don’t want to read this. But moving on (because I need to), There we’re several instances of the Data protection act throughout the years and they constantly change as we discover new ways to use and abuse technology.

The most recent one was set in 1998. And everything that you’ve been taught at is basically found somewhere in this.

It tries to enforce (I say tries because we’re on the internet and anything can happen at any given moment. Plus we’re not all innocent) laws that will prevent people from accessing sensitive information such as:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Bank accounts.

Of course the rules have gotten a fair bit stricter over the years and as technology evolves, so does security flaws and other nasty security bugs.

Now then, you’re probably thinking that everything you sign up to on the internet will keep your personal information safe and never share it with anyone… well I have some bad news for you. While some companies will never give your personal information away no matter how much money is offered. Others may not be the same and will sell your information to just about anyone who is offering money. This means that anyone who has a couple of hundred pounds to throw out can buy all of your personal information and use it how ever they like without you noticing. The most common person who will be buying your information is the advertiser. These people will target you with personalized ads. However, not everyone will be buying your information just to try and do business with you. Other people may buy your information to try and pretend to be you or use your personal information against you by commuting crimes under your name. I personally find it terrifying how someone can obtain your information so easily.

In short, you must be careful and think twice if you really need to sign up to that site.


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