How IT affected employment

In the recent years, IT has created thousands of potential jobs for us. These jobs range from IT administrator to application developers. It has also brought us better ways of living such as better medical equipment and home security. What a time to be alive, right? Well… recently our jobs have slowly begun to require fewer employees as artificial intelligence has managed to copy the way that we work and get so good at it that the jobs that it does are almost perfect. With that said, all of the employees are no longer needed and end up right back at stage 1 (searching for a job). This means that we could potentially be entering a dark future where AI does all of our work and leaves us to roam around endlessly without work or anything to do. It can also mean that most of the population can end up struggling financially and even going homeless (or something like that).

Now let’s say that you can still be a developer or a doctor so you should still have some kind of income. Well, that income will likely be low if the jobs you’re doing aren’t for you. This means that you’re likely to screw up something while at work that could get you or someone else injured. Doesn’t sound like a world you’d like to live in right?

Long story short, We should probably not have machines doing our work for us. I get companies are trying to save some money and just get something that doesn’t require a person to do that rather boring thing that you asked them to do so that they can go home with all of their efforts paid off. We should instead stick to something simple such as automated store and restaurant tills. This allows those kinds of stores to save a bit of money in the long run and have a faster queue.


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