How IT affected employment

In the recent years, IT has created thousands of potential jobs for us. These jobs range from IT administrator to application developers. It has also brought us better ways of living such as better medical equipment and home security. What a time to be alive, right? Well… recently our jobs have slowly begun to require fewer employees as artificial intelligence has managed to copy the way that we work and get so good at it that the jobs that it does are almost perfect. With that said, all of the employees are no longer needed and end up right back at stage 1 (searching for a job). This means that we could potentially be entering a dark future where AI does all of our work and leaves us to roam around endlessly without work or anything to do. It can also mean that most of the population can end up struggling financially and even going homeless (or something like that).

Now let’s say that you can still be a developer or a doctor so you should still have some kind of income. Well, that income will likely be low if the jobs you’re doing aren’t for you. This means that you’re likely to screw up something while at work that could get you or someone else injured. Doesn’t sound like a world you’d like to live in right?

Long story short, We should probably not have machines doing our work for us. I get companies are trying to save some money and just get something that doesn’t require a person to do that rather boring thing that you asked them to do so that they can go home with all of their efforts paid off. We should instead stick to something simple such as automated store and restaurant tills. This allows those kinds of stores to save a bit of money in the long run and have a faster queue.


Data protection act

Ok, we’ve all been familiar with the laws of our countries (and others if you get the luxury of traveling the world and exploring it which all I can say is “good for you”). The data protection act is a group of laws that basically tells you how you can and can’t use computers. For example, hacking in to someones computer and deleting, copying or manipulating files is not allowed. Do you see where I’m going with this? I can’t blame you if you don’t want to read this. But moving on (because I need to), There we’re several instances of the Data protection act throughout the years and they constantly change as we discover new ways to use and abuse technology.

The most recent one was set in 1998. And everything that you’ve been taught at is basically found somewhere in this.

It tries to enforce (I say tries because we’re on the internet and anything can happen at any given moment. Plus we’re not all innocent) laws that will prevent people from accessing sensitive information such as:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Bank accounts.

Of course the rules have gotten a fair bit stricter over the years and as technology evolves, so does security flaws and other nasty security bugs.

Now then, you’re probably thinking that everything you sign up to on the internet will keep your personal information safe and never share it with anyone… well I have some bad news for you. While some companies will never give your personal information away no matter how much money is offered. Others may not be the same and will sell your information to just about anyone who is offering money. This means that anyone who has a couple of hundred pounds to throw out can buy all of your personal information and use it how ever they like without you noticing. The most common person who will be buying your information is the advertiser. These people will target you with personalized ads. However, not everyone will be buying your information just to try and do business with you. Other people may buy your information to try and pretend to be you or use your personal information against you by commuting crimes under your name. I personally find it terrifying how someone can obtain your information so easily.

In short, you must be careful and think twice if you really need to sign up to that site.


So, we’ve all seen some form of copyright. Be it on YouTube videos or products it’s been around us for a very long time.

So what exactly is it? To put it in a simple way let’s just say it’s a law that makes sure that your work doesn’t get copied by other companies. Basically, companies aren’t allowed to use your stuff without permission.

Some work can be copied if it is labeled for “free use” and this can be stuff like: Music (check no copyright sounds), images (when filtered through Google images or some other sites), Videos (Can be found with a simple Google search) and general assets (stuff like models for a videogame and certain code).

Now for someone like me who occasionally posts a non monetized video on YouTube I don’t really have to worry about copyright too much as everything I use is labeled for free use and isn’t really monetized so I shouldn’t have any heat with a random company (plus I’m pretty sure that most game publishers don’t mind seeing people play their game on the internet). Any videos that I share through these blogs will count as a normal view on the authors channel.

Speaking of YouTube videos, here’s one of mine 😉

If you checked this game publishers YouTube policy, then you’ll see that I can in fact upload this. Plus they have a feature that lets you upload your replays directly to YouTube.

(also you might might wanna like you know subscribe to my YT ;)) xoxoxoxox)


So if you’ve been using a computer over the last couple of years then hacking is a word that you would’ve seen a few times (unless you use your computer to play minesweeper 24/7).

We’ve all seen or read about someone either a company or a single person getting hacked at least once in our life. You may think to yourself that hacking is a really bad thing but in reality, but it can actually be used for good. For example, Facebook will actually pay you for hacking and reporting the security issue to them. So if you think you have what it takes then start hacking as the pay could be as high as $500 depending on how bad the breach is.

Hackers typically take your personal information such as:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Passwords
  • Bank accounts
  • Anything else

This can lead to a person losing a LOT of money and having their whole identity stolen. In order to prevent your account from being stolen, you need to use trustworthy websites with two-factor authentication. Larger websites are likely to fix security breaches without any information being leaked.

How IT has had an impact on us

There are may ways that IT has managed to impact our society, however, here are a few points that we made in class:

How we spend our time:

Back in the days, we had to do stuff physically to be able to entertain ourselves where as nowadays all we need to do is hop on a computer or a mobile phone to be able to have a quick game of chess. Or whatever you used to do back then I’d rather not live under a rock thanks.

We also spend our time arguing with each other on blog posts because there are definitely 75 genders… Tumblr I’m looking at you and your feminists

How we communicate with each other:

At a time when computers didn’t exist, mail was your best bet of communicating with someone overseas. That’s right there was no E’s in your mail and you had to physically write the letter then stamp it and send it. Afterwards, you had to wait one hell of a long time in order to get a response which could take up to 6 weeks depending where the person you’re messaging lives. Now all you need to do is get your phone or dedicated device and type away a quick and simple email and as long as you have an internet connection, you can click that send button and be rest assured that your mail has arrived safely at its destination. At this point you just need to make sure that the recipient actually opens it and doesn’t ignore you… I’m guilty of this myself :I

How we learn and find information:

Have you ever heard of this place called a “Library”? Me neither. But they still exist and can be quite useful for those who cannot afford a computer (which basically has no excuse at this point as its 2016 and you can get a simple netbook for a price so low you’d feel dumb for giving your teacher that one excuse as to why you couldn’t do your homework). You’d go to a library to get books… Wait those still exist??? In the less modern days you actually had to read books in order to get your information be it for homework or work in general. Now you could simply google it and click the first couple of links you see and you have your answer. The only problem with that is you need to keep in mind that this is the internet and misleading information is common so make sure to do some decent research into your topic or you might have a hard time explaining to your teacher why your assignment says that kangaroos can give birth to a great white shark.

How much exercise we do:

Let’s just say a LOT of people may be put to shame for this. But the reality is that we have become a lot more lazier. Child obesity is a problem and some people have become antisocial because we are usually indoors playing video games and surfing the web for the dankest memes. However, There have been some measures for this as mobile phones have been shipped with apps and accessories to allow users to track their fitness and encourage them to go to the gym and have a balanced diet.

A thing intended for le distance community

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Here’s some top quality YouTube videos that I made. Please enjoy them…

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IT blog thing

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For those who are wondering my PC specs are:

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